Oil Boiler Service: Have You Had Yours?

So, winter is almost here and many people across the UK will have already turned on their heating systems. Oil boilers are complex machines and require regular maintenance to ensure they don’t breakdown. Have you booked your oil boiler service?

Whilst it’s not usually recommended to book a service throughout the winter, if you haven’t scheduled your oil boiler service during the summer then it might be worth a check-up. Without servicing your boiler on a regular basis, you are risking breakdown and considerable costs related to malfunction. A service is far cheaper than repairs so it’s a really good idea to ensure you make boiler service a priority.

What’s involved in an oil boiler service?

There are many areas which will be looked at during an oil boiler service. With a serve costing in the region of £50, it’s a minimal expense compared to the cost of any repairs that you might require, should you ignore your regular service.

During a regular boiler service, your engineer will check and clean the following areas:

• Burner/Injections
• Pilot/Injector
• Flue-Ways
• Draught Diverter/Heat Exchanger
• Ignition Components
• Flame Supervision Components
• Controls/Connections
• Seals and Joints
• Wiring

There will also be numerous other areas which require adjustment and tweaks. This will not only improve the running of your boiler but in turn it will save you money. The more efficient your boiler, the less you’ll be spending on oil – and with current costs, that’s a big saving.

The Importance of an Oil Boiler Service
Aside from the obvious like reducing the chance of breakdowns, a service offers a variety of additional advantages.

Money Saving
The efficiency of your boiler can be improved by as much as 10% just by having a service. This means you will save a huge amount of money on oil and other costs. Not having to pay out for repairs is a big save but your monthly costs of oil will reduce due to the efficiency of your oil boiler.

Energy Efficiency
Being green is not only good for the environment, but it’s good for your wallet too! Saving energy means reducing your costs.

The regular service will ensure you are in the presence of a safe and secure heating/hot water system. Your oil boiler will be far less likely to cause any unwanted damage if it’s regularly serviced.

Ensuring you book your regular service is a priority you should definitely take note of. It’s important not only for safety but for money saving aspects. In this economy, saving a few pounds a month can make a BIG difference. Booking your oil boiler service isn’t hard but get on with it! Most boiler service engineers will be very busy at this time of year – mainly because people who haven’t booked their service are experiencing breakdowns now that they need the boiler the most!