Do you Comply with the Details Safety Act?

This report introduces the Information Defense Act 1998 – does your company comply?

What is Facts Defense?

Data Protection is the spot of Legislation that Governs what might or might not be done with individual facts. These private info may well be in manual (hand-prepared, print outs and so forth) or electronic (Saved on a personal computer) form. It applies to the processing of own details by “Data Controllers”.

Comprehending the phrases used.

one. Facts Controller – any person/enterprise who controls processing of private data.

two. Personalized Details – information (digital or guide) which identifies a residing specific. For example your identify, handle, Credit rating Card, DNA, finger print, e mail handle.

3. Processing – any action that can be carried out on own facts. For example getting, storing, copying and transferring.
So what does the act do?

The Act can be damaged down into three distinctive features:-

one. Notification – It demands just about every Info Controller to notify the related national authority of its processing functions.

two. Code of perform – It obliges Facts Controllers to comply with the “Data Safety Principles”, a code of perform.

3. Specific Rights – It make a set of enforceable rights folks can assume in the processing of their individual information.


The facts Commissioner have to be informed of the types of processing that Knowledge Controllers are enterprise. Notification can be carried out in producing using the right sorts or on line [ isles/cgi-bin/dprproc?web site=seven.html] it now expenses £35 per year to sign-up.
There is a register offered of all Data Controllers, it is a general public document and can be searched on-line at [ for.asp]

There are a several exemptions for the require to notify the Facts Commission. Illustrations are personnel information, membership or customer lists.

Information controllers should verify if they are exempt as it is a prison offence to method personalized data without notification or to procedure facts otherwise to the style notified.

Code of Perform

There are eight rules of very good data dealing with or processing. These can be noticed as a Code of Perform Details Controllers must comply with unless there are exempt.

These principles have to have the info controller to:

one. Course of action personal information reasonably and lawfully.

two. Get hold of particular knowledge only for one particular or a lot more specified and lawful purposes and to make sure that these types of facts is not processed in a way which is incompatible with the reason or reasons for which it was obtained.

3. Ensure that personalized facts is adequate, applicable and not extreme for the goal or uses for which it is held.

4. Guarantee that personalized information is accurate and, exactly where vital, retained up to day.
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five. Ensure that own details is not kept for any more time than is important for the purpose for which it was attained.

six. Method individual data in accordance with the rights of the persons to whom the info relates.

7. Make certain that personal details is stored safe.

8. Assure that individual facts is not transferred to a nation outside the house the European Economic Space except if the region to which the data is to be sent assures an satisfactory level of security for the rights (in relation to the data) of the people today to whom the personalized info relates.